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RRA LAR15 AR1550X VarA4ss24b1n8
RRA LAR-15 AR1550X Varmint A4 Rifle w/24in 1:8 Stainless BullBBL ..
RRA LAR15 AR1551VarA4ss24b1n12t
RRA LAR-15 AR1551X Varmnt A4 Rifle w/24in 1:12 Stainless BullBBL..
RRA LAR15 AR1560 ATH Carbine
RRA LAR-15 AR1560X ATH Carbine ROCK RIVER ARMS INC ATH Carbine Rock River Arms..
RRA LAR-15 AR1565X ATH Carbine AWB Compliant .223 Wylde..
RRA LAR15 AR1600 NM A2 std AWB
RRA LAR-15 AR1600X National Match Standard A2 AWB Compliant Rifl..
RRA LAR15 AR1610 NmA4 wA2NMCHaw
RRA LAR-15 AR1610X National Match A4 w/A2 NM CH- AWB Compliant..
RRA LAR15 AR1700 R3 Comp OpCar
RRA LAR-15 AR1700X R3 Competition with Operator CARStock ROCK RIVER ARMS INC R3 Compet..
RRA LAR15 AR1855 MLA4wCarStk
RRA LAR-15 AR1855X Mid-Length A4 with CAR Stock..
RRA LAR15 BB2522 EliteOp2Dom2
RRA LAR-15 BB2522 Elite Operator 2 with Dominator2 EoTech Mount as shown in second picture. ..
RRA LAR15 FE1000 FE SerPredA2op
RRA LAR-15 FE1000 Fred Eichler Series Predator w/ Op A2 Stock..
RRA LAR15 FE1015 FE SerPrdCARop
RRA LAR-15 FE1015 Fred Eichler Series Predator w/ Op CAR Stock..
RRA LAR458 SOC1276 MidLenA4Op
RRA LAR-458 SOC1276 Mid-Length A4 Operator Rock River Arms LAR-458 Semi-Automatic 458 SOCOM Mo..
RRA LAR47 AK1291 Delta Carbine
RRA LAR-47 AK1291 Delta Carbine..
RRA LAR68 SPC1542 CoyoteCarb16
RRA LAR-6.8 SPC1542X Coyote Carbine 16 inch HBAR..
RRA LAR8 308A1239 Midlength A4
RRA LAR-8 308A1239 Midlength A4 ..
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